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Why do we need calcium


Why? We need calcium

To build and maintain strong bones and healthy communication between the brain and other parts of the body, We require a certain amount of calcium.We can find some calcium in many natural food and supplements are available in market.

Why ?we need calcium?

Bone Health

Mostly calcium is found in bones and teeth of human body which is  around 99 percent. It is very important for the development, growth and maintenance of bone and teeth. Around the age of 20 to 25 when bone density is very high, Cal. continuously strengthening the bones of body. After the age of 20 to 25 bone density declines, but Cal. slow down the bone density loss and help in maintaining bones.Bone density loss is natural part of the aging process.

In the age of 20 to 25 the people how did not consume enough calcium has considerably higher risk of bone disease in later in their life.

Other various roles of calcium

It is  a co-factor for many enzymes which means important enzymes can not work efficiently without the presence of cal.

The process of blood clotting is complex and it has a number of steps and  a host of chemicals are involved in this process and calcium plays a part in a number of these steps.

Different foods and drinks in which cal. is found.

  1. Milk
  2. Cheese
  3. Yoghurt
  4. Beans
  5. Tofu
  6. Spinach

Also, in various drinks including variety of fruit juices.
The range of consuming cal. in a day according to different age group

According to Institute of Medicine

Age Per Day
1-3 years 700 milligrams (mg)
4-8 years 1,000 mg
9-18 years 1,300 mg
19-50 years 1,000 mg
51-70 years (male) 1,000 mg
51-70 years (female) 1,200 mg
71+ years 1,200 mg

Supplements and Deficiency

The people which has calcium deficiency are usually advise to take supplements.

Taking the right supplement these days are very difficult because there are various type in wide range of combinations and preparations.Which one is suitable for you is depend on the need and medical condition. In many   supplements, Vitamin D is also added because it encourages the synthesis of proteins in the body, which make the absorption of cal. possible.To minimize the side effects of the supplements and for the best absorption of the supplements should be taken with food.

Vegans (vegetarian peoples who did not eat  animal products at all which including dairy products) may need to take calcium supplements by consulting your doctor and by consuming plant based cal. rich food.

Different Calcium supplements and there varying amounts of elemental .

Cal.carbonate : It is most commonly available in market and in compare to other is cheap and convenient and it contains 40 %(percent) of elemental.

The amount of elemental calcium in:

i. lactate is 13 %(percent).

ii. supplement is 9%(percent).

iii. citrate is 21 %(percent).

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