Our Future Plans for Dr Best Pharmaceuticals

Chronic diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases are one of the leading cause of death in India and account for 60 % of all deaths annually (more than 5 million people every year).
A survey by World Bank shows that as a result of single hospitalization, 24 % of the Indian population fall below the poverty line. India is a developing country; over 40 % of hospitalized patients either have to borrow money or sell their assets to get them treated.
Due to this reason, there is a need for a cost-effective healthcare system in India.

Keeping all these things at priority, Dr Best Pharmaceuticals Private Limited took an initiative to provide cost-effective medicines to the masses at a most economical price (up to 50-80% lesser cost). Their Future Plans are:

DR BEST Retail Chain:
Dr Best Pharmaceuticals has a plan to set up the chain of retail outlets in all over India wherein the “World most affordable medicines” shall be provided at economic cost to the general public.
The main purpose of retail chain is to expand the company network to a broader population and understand the future needs of the market.

Affordable Healthcare for poor people:
DR BEST is continuously working to provide quality medicine to the general masses at an affordable price. They are already in the pipeline over a practical model of affordable healthcare solutions for general public nearer to their homes and at their doorsteps. The concept of cheaper healthcare facilities with economic medicines is being worked out and will be enforced in the form of “Affordable health clinics. These clinics will set up, particularly in those states that are lacking proper healthcare facilities.

DR BEST “Health for All”

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