Time to address issues related to high Price medicines – Rajesh Dhingra

Time to address issues related to high Price medicines –  Ashwani bhalla

Dr Best brought 80 % lesser MRP essential medicines now on shelves

The mission behind the initiatives of Dr Best is to offer medicines of same salt at economical price of up to 80 % lesser price than other brand products. The company had launched a range of almost 100 products relating to the host of therapeutic segments such as Anti-Diabetic, Lipid-lowering Agents, Cardiovascular Agents, Antibiotics, Gastrointestinal Agents, Analgesics, Vitamins and OTC products and aims to reach 500 marks with next 3 years.

Medicines provide by Drbest are 80% lesser MRP than market

The Dr Best is on the mission of offering cost effective medicines of same salt (compositon) to that of other branded drugs at the right price of upto 80% lesser price, so that patients donot suffer due to enormous costs of medicines. With the nobel vision Dr Best strive for the betterment of common the man. This is a step to abolish the high prices imposed by the pharma companies. The company had come up with a range of almost 100 cost-effective products without compromising on the quality of medicines and is determined to reach to a 500 mark within next 3 years, establishing a benchmark.

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