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Tramadol Actions, Uses and Side Effects


Pain! an unavoidable part of human experience
No matter, whether the pain comes as the result of an accident or injury, surgery, common health issues like infection, headache, and arthritis, it interferes with the ability to work and spoil the best moments of life.

A wide variety of analgesics (pain killer) are available, and the opioid analgesics is one of the prominent option!

Opioid analgesic (like Tramadol) is the prescription medication and reduce pain sensation in the brain by binding specific receptors in the body. These are a reasonable option for controlling chronic pain conditions (severe pain caused due to cancer).
From a survey, approximately 60 people die every day due to the overdose of opioid medicines.

Let us apprise you!

Tramadol is a synthetic analogue of codeine. It is an oral opioid analgesic (pain killer), acts in the central nervous system (CNS). It is a schedule H drug (prescription drug) and taken only under the supervision of a registered medical practitioner.
It can be given either alone or in combination with paracetamol for the treatment of moderate to severe pain conditions.
USFDA has approved Tramadol for medical use in 1995 now it is widely available as a generic medication.
In comparison to addictive painkillers such as morphine, hydrocodone and oxycodone (potent opioid agonist), Tramadol is a safe painkiller to use due to lesser opioid content (weak opioid agonist).

Tramadol Action
Tramadol is a centrally acting weak opioid receptor agonist. Tramadol works by changing the pain senses in the brain; it is similar to endorphins (an endogenous peptide hormone that activates the body opiates receptors and inhibits the communication of pain signals in the brain). Tramadol binds to opiates receptor and provides analgesic effects by decreasing the amount of pain.
It also inhibits the reuptake of monoamine transporters, i.e. Norepinephrine/ Noradrenaline and Serotonin (neurotransmitters responsible for pain).

Tramadol Uses:
Tramadol is an opioid analgesic (painkiller) used to treat moderate to severe pain condition such as pain after the operation or serious injury (postoperative pain) and severe pain caused due to cancer.

Tramadol is widely used to treat mild to severe pain in both acute and chronic condition. It is widely prescribed narcotic analgesic after an operation or serious injury. In case of moderate pain condition, its potency (therapeutic effect) is equivalent to that of morphine.

Tramadol Side effects:
All medication have a dose of risk with them; Tramadol also can cause some severe side effects, although not everyone gets them.
Some common side effects are headache, constipation, dryness of mouth, stomach pain, itching dizziness, nausea and vomiting.
Some severe side effects are Drug addiction, severe breathing problems, seizures, symptoms of serotonin syndrome (hallucinations, shivering, fever, sweating, stiffness), dilation of the pupil, and severe skin reactions (sore throat, purple skin rashes and burning sensation in eyes). If any of these occur, talk to your doctor immediately.
“Misuse or overdose of tramadol can cause drug dependence, addiction and death.”

Dose-related information:
– Take the dose as per your prescription. Never use Tramadol for a prolonged period of time or in a larger amount.
– Never share Tramadol with anyone, especially with the person having a prior history of drug addiction or abuse.
– It can be taken with or without food, but follow the same routine every time.
– Swallow the whole tablet or capsule of Tramadol, never crush or break the pill.
– Ask your doctor or pharmacist once how to stop the use of Tramadol safely, do not stop its use suddenly as it causes unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.
– Do not leave opioid medication as such; it’s just one dose can cause death if someone uses this medicine improperly or accidentally.

1. Before taking Tramadol or any other opioid analgesics, consult your doctor if you had: Prior episodes of an allergic reaction, urination problem, liver or kidney disease, stomach disorder, thyroid and pancreatic disorder, mental illness.
2. Do not take Tramadol if you have severe asthma or shallow breathing
3. It is contraindicated in pregnancy and breastfeeding.

“Intake of Tramadol during pregnancy can cause life-threatening withdrawal syndrome in newborn and your become drug dependent ”

4. Do not take Tramadol if you have recently used sedative, alcohol and narcotic medication. Be aware of drug interactions.
5. It should not be given to the person below the age of 18 years.
6. It is contraindicated in elderly patients.
7. Long term use of Tramadol increases the risk of infertility in men and women.

Concluding, Tramadol is a schedule H drug (prescription medicines), long-acting and safe painkiller for the treatment of moderate to severe pain.

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