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Generic vs Branded Medicines

Generic-vs-branded drugs

From clothes to cosmetics and electronics to snacks, always you have options. When it comes to medication, you have two different choices – generic vs branded medicines. You must always think which should you pick and what is the difference. Don’t be confused.The generics are always a great alternative to branded medicines. They are accepted globally, and these are cost-effective with similar quality as branded drugs. Moreover, it is easier these days to get the generic medication directly from online pharmacy 24 hrs. Without any trouble, you can quickly get the delivery of online medicine with a maximum discount at your doorsteps.

Branded medicines
The drug is discovered, researched, developed, and then it is marketed. These steps include laboratory as well as clinical testing. After this, it goes to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval before reaching in pharmacies. The pharmaceutical company assures that the drug is safe and effective by conducting clinical as well as laboratory studies which take years to perform. Branded medicines take lots of time and money.

The FDA examines the results of laboratory and clinical trials. It also evaluates the manufacturing processes with the drug’s identity, purity, strength and stability before approval of that medication.

After the approval of the drug by the FDA, the company can give the medication a brand name. The branded drug is protected by a patent so that other drug manufacturers cannot copy the formula of that medication.

After the expiry of the patent given to the innovator company, other pharmaceutical companies may apply for the permission to manufacture and sell that drug, which is known as the generic drug.

Generic medicines
Generic drugs are bioequivalent or identical to branded drugs with similar therapeutic action. The active ingredient in the generic medicines is similar to branded medicine but typically sold at a low price.

Why generics?
The manufacturer of generic drugs must assure that their products contain the same active ingredient as that of the branded drug.

It must ensure that the generic drug contains the same concentration and dosage form as that of the branded drug. Generics must have a similar mechanism of action so that it can be substituted for the branded drug.

The Pharmacokinetics (Absorption, Distribution pattern, Metabolism and Elimination) of the generic drugs must be similar to the branded drug.

Safety and Quality of generic medicines

  • The generic drug manufacturers must have to show their drug is bioequivalent to the branded drug.
  • Before the generic medicines come into the market they must assure the same quality, strength, purity and stability.
  • Generic drugs can make more changes in your pocket because generic drugs are cost-effective.
  • They are 30-70% less expensive than the original drugs.
  • The manufacturers of the generic drugs must give a guarantee about the efficacy of the generic product.
  • Generic medicines work with the same mechanism as branded medicines do. Their manufacturing and packaging have to pass the same quality standards.
  • Generic medicines have the same effects as branded but with very less cost.
  • The generic drugs are manufactured in GMP certified units.

Why are generics cost-effective?

  • It is a common perception that if it is costly, it will be better, but not
  • Many people are concerned because generic drugs are not as costly as compared to branded drugs. So they wonder about the quality as well as the effectiveness of these medicines.
  • But in reality, the quality of the generic drugs are never compromised.
  • These are cost-effective only because the cost of research and development and drug discovery, is not involved in the case of generic drugs. They can depend on the clinical data submitted by the innovator’s company for the safety profile of the medicine.

According to the FDA, 8 out of 10 prescriptions filled in the US are for generic drugs. An Easier way to obtain generic medicines.
There are various online pharmacies which provide generic medicines at 60-80% less price. Dr Best Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd is one of them which provides online pharmacy services in India and offers generic drugs with an 80% discount. Dr Best offers cost-effective, quality medicines.DR BEST Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. has WHO GMP/cGMP certified units for the manufacturing of generic medicines. They have a wide range of drugs like anti-diabetics, antibiotics, analgesics, vitamins, cardiovascular drugs and hypolipidemic drugs. They are providing generic medicines with online offers. So, go and avail the high-quality generic medicines and save 80% on your medical bills.

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