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10 Benefits of Online Medicine Shoppe Over Conventional Pharmacy


The era of social media and internet is dominating the world, everything around us is online, so why can’t we get our medicines from the online medicine shoppe?

Yes, the online pharmacy is the next big thing.

The online pharmacy is the most convenient and quick shop from where the consumer can quickly get medicines over the internet. Online pharmacy is also termed as e-pharmacy or internet pharmacy or mail-order pharmacy.

10 Benefits of online pharmacy

1. Convenient:  Online pharmacy serves a convenient way of buying medicine for old age,  physically challenged and working professionals, due to the difficulty for them to go local medical shop.

2. Time-saving:  Online pharmacy saves your time and efforts, in just a few minutes you can head over the E-pharmacy websites and buy any prescription medicine as per your need. It saves the time that you can spend in traveling to your local pharmacy shop and waiting in line for medicine.

3. Cost efficient:  The cost of medicine purchased from E-pharmacy is lower than local medical shop because in online pharmacy the medicine comes directly in store from the manufacturer, there is no third party. They also provide a discount on the price for any products purchased in bulk.

4. Information is private and confidential: The information that you have provided during the purchase of medicine is usually private and confidential in online pharmacy. This approach is beneficial for those people who feel embarrassed or shameful to speak face to face in condition like erectile dysfunction, acne, STDs and hair loss.

5. Range of choices: E- pharmacy have more extensive stocks of medicine than the conventional pharmacy; it offers a huge variety of options. Therefore, it is guaranteed that you can get any medicine whatever you are searching for.

6. Systematic: Online stores have the process of drug approval, before dispatching the medicines to the consumer they require a prescription which is reviewed by a qualified pharmacist.

7. Anytime anywhere: You can place your order anytime from anywhere as there is no issue of pharmacy closing down. 24*7 online customer supports are there to solve your queries regarding medicines.

8. Facilitate useful information: Online pharmacy websites provide beneficial information regarding drug interaction and side effects of medicine in the form of product facts, blogs, or articles. They also remind the patient at what time they have to take medicine and how much dose is needed.

9. Easy Secured payments: Online pharmacy provides the facility of cashless payments either by credit or debit card, patym or you can also pay by cash on delivery.

10. Future vision: Under Digital India initiative, Jan Aushidhi program the government of India has taken the initiative to spread awareness regarding generic medicine and also provide easy and affordable access of good quality medicine for the general public.

How does an online pharmacy model work?
Online pharmacy provides a mobile-based application for consumers, where they can upload the scanned copy of the prescription and easily place their requests for medicine.
Before the delivery of medicine to the consumer, every order received is to be verified and checked by registered pharmacists.

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  1. Online pharmacies have truly revolutionized the way we access and manage our healthcare needs. One of the key benefits that struck me in this article is the convenience factor. Just like the efficiency of modern server motherboards, online pharmacies offer 24/7 access to medication, ensuring that you can get what you need when you need it, without any downtime.

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