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9 Hair Care Myths You Need to Stop Believing


When it comes to taking care of health, skin, or any other part of the body, everyone has their own box of tricks, and the matter of concern is that some of these are true, but others are myths. The same goes right with hair care, and yes, everyone is surrounded by the numerous hair care myths as well…

Your hair goes through various styling products and tools to give you a new look, confidence and enthusiasm and people love to try different looks and keep experimenting with their hair.

But this styling and experimenting comes dull, brittle and damaged hair and to prevent hair from damage; thus you should follow a proper hair care routine. There are numerous myths associated with the hair care routine.

Let’s find out the truth behind these myths!

1) Hair Care Products
Myth: Using Same Hair Care Products Lose Its Effectiveness With Time.
According to some people using the same shampoo and conditioner over a long period of time assimilate their benefits, as our hair gets used to the same hair care products and this eventually diminishes their effect on our hair.

Truth: No, it is not true at all.
The same shampoo and conditioner dispenses the same outcomes if used under similar conditions. It is sometimes the weather conditions, health problems or hormone cycles due to which the products may seem to be ineffective, but the culprit are the former factors.
Also, choosing the suitable product is a hectic process. If there is some product which suits you well and provides excellent results on initial applications, then it is recommended not to change your products.

The other point which is very important here is to choose a product incorporated with natural and hair-loving ingredients. As these types of hair products found to be best suited for hair.
For instance, Ezisilk hair conditioning shampoo by Dr Best. It is one of the best and recommended shampoo for weak, brittle, frizzy, and unmanageable hair. It makes hair healthy, silky and prevents hair fall with the richness of six natural oils: Jojoba oil, Almond oil, Camelina oil, Argan oil, Coconut oil, and Olive oil.

2) Hair Shedding
Myth: Frequent shampooing sheds your hair.

Truth: Each day our scalp sheds about 50 to 100 hair strands and length of hair increases about 0.35 mm.

The shedding of hair may not be due to shampooing or hair washing procedure. Some hair can break naturally, the washing hair may dislodge hair which are already in telogen phase (resting phase) of the hair cycle.

But, yes one point is essential to consider, and that is the choice of a right shampoo because washing hair does not cause hair fall but washing with strong chemical-laden shampoo over constant time can cause hair fall.
Therefore, always choose a shampoo which is sulfate, paraben, and formaldehyde-free and enrich with more natural oils like almond, jojoba, coconut or argan oil and hair-friendly chemicals like piroctone olamine or ichthyol pale.

3) Hair care routine
Myth: Keeping oil overnight in the hair dispenses better outcomes.

Truth: The hair care routine should include oiling hair, as it is very good, but not necessary to keep oil in hair for a long time, as keeping oil for long time just makes hair sticky and attracts dirt.

Massaging your hair properly and keeping for one or two hours is enough to nourish the hair. Most of the work is done during the massage. While massaging, oil goes pervade deep inside and nurture the hair cuticles. Massaging the scalp also stimulates the blood flow by dilating the small arteries present within the scalp.
Therefore, just after oiling hair, wrap a hot-damp towel around your hair, keep for some time and wash it with lukewarm water with an excellent hair-conditioning shampoo.

Well, here is the list of oils that may play a crucial role. Choose an oil which provides a significant benefit to hair. For example –
Almond oil – Moisten hair and strong the scalp.
Argan oil – Reduces scalp inflammation.
Coconut oil – Soothes scalp and dispense antifungal and antibacterial properties.
Olive oil – Enrich scalp with essential fatty acids and promotes hair growth.
Also, choose the hair care product which incorporates with the richness of such oils, for example, Dr Best Ezisilk hair conditioning shampoo.

4) Hair Loss
Myth: Hair loss is gender or age-specific. Only men or older women suffer from hair loss.

Truth: No, this is not true. Either it is a woman or man, anyone can face hair loss issues at any age.

Yes, there are some hair loss types like – Androgenetic alopecia, Male-pattern baldness or Female-pattern baldness. But some other conditions may also cause hair fall like stress or pregnancy. It also can be hereditary. Also, improper care of hair may lead to hair loss.
So, hair loss can occur at any time; it is not only specific to some population.
Moreover, in many cases, hair loss can be manageable, and consultation to a dermatologist can help.

5) Sleeping and hair growth
Myth: Sleeping with loose or hair or hair down helps to grow hair better.

Truth: You are quite mistaken if you think so.

Loose hair or hair down instead of a tie pony or bun just prevents hair from damage, root tension due to stretching and breakage.

6) Hair Quit Growing
Myth: Hair stops growing after a specific age.

Truth: Hair doesn’t stop growing due to age; it happens due to poor nutrition and improper care of hair.

If you do not have proper nutrients like vitamins, minerals, calcium and amino acids in your diet, it will inevitably affect the growth of hair.
Also, If you don’t care about your hair, do styling with heating tools every day, or washing incorrectly or with harsh shampoo, it will affect your hair growth.
So, you should add a suitable hair growth tablet, as it will improve the growth of your hair and enhance your appearance.
Moreover, reduce the usage of heating tools, oiling the hair and use natural, oil-enriched shampoo for washing.

7) Towel-dry technique
Myth: You should towel-dry your hair.

Truth: It is advisable to avoid this false hair care routine as this can cause severe damage to the hair.

Vigorously rubbing hair with a towel can cause extensive breakage and hair loss. Also, hair becomes frizzy and brittle.
Instead, dry the wet hair under natural air, and for squeeze, extra water from hair use a soft cloth as compared to the harsh towel.

8) Hair conditioning
Myth: People with oily scalp or thin hair should avoid hair conditioning.

Truth: Well, there is no truth in this fact.

No doubt, people with fine and thin hair often anxious about using conditioner but conditioner not only soften the hair but also moisturizes it and prevent from further damage.
Go for a suitable hair conditioner, rinse-out, and feel the softness in your hair. Hair conditioning is great after shampooing.

9) Cold Water Myth
Myth: Washing hair with cold water makes them shinier.

Truth: Cold water does not impact your hair growth or turn it shinier.

In fact, washing hair with cold water not able to clear all dirt and grime from the hair properly.

Everyone should know these myths and choose a suitable hair care routine to get strong smooth and ever-lasting hair growth.

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