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Generic Drugs in India


In India, many people are influenced by the brand name of a product. For them, the brand name matters not only in cosmetics, clothes, grocery, accessories but also in case of medicines. They have a common notion that generic drugs are available at a low price so they may be of inferior quality.

But let’s find out the reality!
Generic drugs have a similar chemical composition as the branded drugs. They are accepted globally and are of the same quality with a lesser cost as compared to branded drugs. Moreover, it is easier to get generic medicines directly from online pharmacy 24/7 or in a nearby chemist shop. The generics prove to be a great alternative to branded medicines as they are bioequivalent or identical to branded drugs with comparable therapeutic action. Along with no compromise with the quality, it is also cost-effective as the cost of research and development and drug discovery is not included in the case of generic drugs.

Lack of awareness
India is the third largest manufacturer of generic drugs in the world. Currently, Indian Pharmaceutical Firms supplies 80% of anti-retroviral medications globally. But, there is a lack of awareness regarding the significance of generic medicines.
– For the OTC (over the counter) drugs, many people are aware of brand names of the drug rather than the generic name of the medicine.
– In most of the cases, chemists give the medicines which are written on the prescription, and also the doctors prescribe a brand-name drug upon request, even when there’s a generic available.
– Generic drugs do not get enough promotions.

These reasons contribute to the lack of awareness of generic medicines. So it is not only the responsibility of the government to support generics, but we all should also take the initiative to support generics. Recently these initiatives are already started by few state governments in India.

Why prefer generics?
– They are globally accepted and provide significant savings along with quality treatment.
– They have the same mechanism of action and clinical benefits as branded medicines.
– It is easier these days to get generic medicines directly obtained online pharmacy 24 hours.
– They have the same dosage form (capsule/tablet), strength, quality, stability, safety, effectiveness, route of administration (oral/topical), and performance characteristics.
– The generic medicines are manufactured in the GMP Certified manufacturing units, and hence, there is no compromise on the quality of generic medicines.

Benefits of generic drugs
– Similar therapeutic effects with a lower cost: Both branded and Generic drugs produce the same therapeutic action.
– But, the generic drugs may have 60-80% less value than branded medicines.
– Easy availability: The generic medicines can be easily obtained through online pharmacy 24 hours with a maximum discount

The price difference between generics and branded medicines.
One of the main reasons to support generic medicine in India is the low cost of generic medicines. More than 70% of the Indian population lives in the rural area, out of which 35% are below the poverty line. It is not possible for them to afford the expensive branded medicines. There is a significant price difference between the generic as well as branded drugs.
– For example, the price of Paracetamol (generic drug) is Rs 2.45, and similar branded drug is Rs 11.
– Price of diclofenac sodium+Paracetamol is Rs 4.4 and branded is 19.40
– Price of Amoxicillin is 13.2, and the cost of branded amoxicillin is 38.7, etc., naming a few.

Quality and Cost-effectiveness
Most people worry about the quality and effectiveness of generic medicines because generic drugs are not as costly as compared to branded drugs. But the quality of the generic drugs is never compromised.
These are cost-effective only as research and development, and drug discovery costs are not involved in the case of generic drugs. It can depend on the clinical data presented by the innovator’s company for the safety profile of the medicine.

Safety of generic medicines
– The generic drug needs to be bioequivalent to a branded drug.
– Before entering the market, generic medicines must ensure the same quality, strength, purity and stability as that of the branded drugs.
– Generic medicines act on the same mechanism as that of branded medicines.
– Their manufacturing and packaging have to qualify the same quality standards.
– The generic drug’s manufacturers must give a guarantee about the effectiveness of the generic product.
– The generic medicines are manufactured in GMP certified units.

Initiatives to support generics in India
– Due to the lack of awareness of generic medicines, the government of India has taken the initiative to support generic drugs to evoke awareness about generic medicines and get the best quality medicine.
– India is not a developed country, so it is very challenging for people to afford expensive, branded medicines, with costs very high.

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