How To Get Cheap Generic Medicine In India?

How To Get Cheap Generic Medicine In India?

How To Get Cheap Generic Medicine In India? 

The Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Janaushadhi Pariyojana (PMBJP), which distributes low-cost generic medications via Jan Aushadhi Kendras (retail stores), reported sales of 1,236 crore in FY23, up 38% from the previous year.

How to find Jan Aushadhi Kendras retail stores?

Simply search on google map Jan Aushadhi Kendras near me and you will get list of Jan Aushadhi Kendras stores in your area. Dr Best Pharmaceuticals also provide high quality generic medicines at very low MRP you can get Dr Best Pharma medicine on their website


What is Generic Medicines? Are They Safe?

Generic medications share the same chemical make-up as branded medications and are marketed using the chemical term that best describes them.  As an example, Crocin is a branded drug yet Paracetemol, the chemical that is used to treat colds, is a generic drug.  Generic medications are obviously much less expensive than their branded versions. But marketing is where the issue is. MRP for branded businesses often comprises production costs, advertising costs, and middlemen costs. Therefore, they heavily incentivize doctors and middlemen to suggest their branded medicines in exchange for larger rewards. Because of this, the majority of medical professionals and pharmacies choose to sell branded drugs over generic ones.

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