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This Medication contains TERBUTALINE SULPHATE, AMBROXOL HYDROCHLORIDE, GUAIPHENESIN AND MENTHOL. Ambroxol is a mucolytic and mucokinetic agent and makes the sputum thinner and less viscous hence can be removed easily by coughing.
Guaiphenesin is used for chest congestion. It asists lower respiratory tract drainage by thinning the mucus in the air passages to clear the airways. Terbutaline sulphate is a bronchodilator, it works by relaxing and opening the airways that cause easy breathing.


Ambroxol degrade acid mucopolysaccharide fibers in the sputum. Guaiphenesin narrows the fluids in the lungs. Terbutaline works in the airways to relaxes the muscles and help the flow of oxygen.

Running nose, tears, gastric irritation and hypersensitivity.

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