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DR MET PG 15/2

DR MET PG 15/2


Pack: Strip Of  10 Tablet
Composition : Glimepride 2MG+Metformin
500mg+pioglitazone 15 Mg

Metformin belongs to class of medications called antidiabetics.It decreases the amount of glucose absorbedfromthe food and the amount ofglucose made by liver. Metformin also increases the body’s response to insulin
Glimepiride belongs to a blood sugar lowering group of medicines called sulfonylurea. Glimepiride increases the amount of insulin released by the pancreas, and thereby decreases the blood sugar level.
Pioglitazone belongs to class of thiazolidinedione. Pioglitazone decreases insulin resistance in the periphery and in the liver that helps the body make better use of insulin it produces and also decreases the glucose output from the liver.


Glimepiride stimulates the insulin release from functioning pancreatic cells and inhibits gluconeogenesis at hepatic cells.

It also increases insulin sensitivity at peripheral target sites. Metformin decreases hepatic gluconeogenesis, decreases intestinal absorption of glucose and improves insulin sensitivity (increases peripheral glucose uptake and  utilisation).Pioglitazone helps body to use the insulin it makes better.

Severe renal  & hepatic impairment. Diarrhoea, allergic skin reactions.

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