Pack:  Strip of 10 tablets.
Composition : Cefixime Dispersible 200 mg  Tablets

COMPOSITION:  Each  Tablet  contains :-

Cefixime   200 mg

M.O.A. :

Cefixime is a cephalosporin antibiotic which acts by inhibiting bacterial cell wall (outer coating of bacteria) synthesis and killing the bacteria, thereby reducing the infection.

INDICATION : Uncomplicated gonorrhea.

DOSAGE: As directed by the physician

SIDE EFFECTS : Allergic skin rash, Breathing difficulties, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Wheezing, Itching, Vaginal infection and headache, Stomach upset.

What are the Uses and Benefits of Cefixime Dispersible 200 mg Tablet

There are Several Uses and Benefits of Cefixime Dispersible 200 mg Tablets

Cefixime stands out among antibiotics, providing a ray of hope against a wide range of bacterial invaders. In this path towards health and well-being, the Cefixime Dispersible 200 mg tablet, a versatile and user-friendly shape, takes center stage. Let’s look at the numerous advantages and diverse applications that make this formulation a go-to remedy for a variety of ailments.

Versatile Uses of Cefixime Dispersible 200 mg Tablet:

1. Respiratory Triumph:
– Cefixime 200 mg pills have emerged as stalwarts in the treatment of respiratory tract infections ranging from mild bronchitis to severe pneumonia.
– The dispersible form makes it accessible to people of all ages while also providing significant relief for respiratory issues.

2. Urinary Tract Harmony:
– Cefixime provides assistance to people suffering from urinary tract infections by alleviating the discomfort associated with them.
– Its effectiveness extends over a wide range of bacterial strains, adding to a complete approach to urinary health.

3. ENT Wellness:
– Cefixime is a fierce foe of ear and throat infections. The dispersible tablet shape streamlines the process, making it a favourite alternative for treating ear and throat disorders.

4. Skin and Soft Tissue Resilience:
– Cefixime’s broad-spectrum efficacy extends to skin infections such as cellulitis, demonstrating its ability to promote skin and soft tissue resilience.
– It is a solid ally in the fight against a variety of superficial and deep-seated illnesses.

5. Gonorrhea Management:
– Cefixime is well-known for its effectiveness in treating sexually transmitted infections, and it is used to treat disorders such as gonorrhoea.
– Its effectiveness adds to the general well-being of people dealing with such health issues.

6. Pediatric Palatability:
– Cefixime’s dispersible tablet shape revolutionises paediatric care in addition to its therapeutic effects. Accurate weight-based dosing becomes a simple operation.
– Its palatability and convenience of administration make it a popular choice among parents and healthcare providers, ensuring that youngsters have a favourable experience.

Key Benefits of Cefixime Dispersible 200 mg Tablet:

1. Swift Absorption:
– The dispersible form guarantees rapid absorption, allowing the active substances to take effect as soon as possible.
– This quick action aids to faster alleviation for people suffering from numerous bacterial diseases.

2. Convenience in Administration:
– The tablet’s dispersible structure makes it more convenient, especially for people who have difficulty swallowing traditional medications.
– This user-friendly feature streamlines the medication process, encouraging people to stick to their medicine regimens.

3. Tailored Pediatric Dosing:
– Paediatric weight-based dosage is an important part of children’s treatment. The dispersible tablet shape allows for exact administration, giving the best treatment outcomes for young patients.

4. Broad-Spectrum Efficacy:
– Cefixime’s broad-spectrum efficacy against a range of bacteria underscores its versatility in addressing various infections.
– This comprehensive approach contributes to the medication’s effectiveness in managing diverse health concerns.

5. Flexible Treatment Options:
– Cefixime in dispersible form allows treatment flexibility, suiting the preferences and demands of a broad patient population.
– This versatility means that individuals can benefit from Cefixime in a way that fits their lifestyle and tastes.

6. Streamlined Recovery Journey:
– Individuals receiving Cefixime therapy benefit from the combination of rapid absorption, ease of administration, and broad-spectrum efficacy, resulting in a shortened recovery journey.
– This adds to a favorable overall experience and underscores the medication’s function in fostering wellness.

Closing Thoughts:
In conclusion, the Cefixime Dispersible 200 mg tablet stands out not just as a treatment choice, but also as a comprehensive solution for a variety of bacterial diseases. Its diverse applications, combined with a plethora of benefits, present a picture of a drug that goes beyond treating symptoms to actively contribute to people’s well-being. Cefixime, in its dispersible form, exemplifies the ongoing evolution of healthcare solutions, embracing innovation to make the route to health more accessible, effective, and positive.

What are the Side Effects of Cefixime Dispersible 200 mg Tablets

Cefixime is an antibiotic used to treat various bacterial infections. Like any medication, it can cause side effects. It’s important to note that not everyone will experience these side effects, and some individuals may not experience any side effects at all. Common side effects of Cefixime Dispersible 200 mg Tablets may include:

1. Gastrointestinal Distress:
– Nausea
– Vomiting
– Diarrhea
– Abdominal pain

2. Allergic Reactions:
– Skin rash
– Itching
– Swelling
– Severe allergic reactions are rare but can occur. Seek medical attention immediately if you experience symptoms such as difficulty breathing, swelling of the face or throat, or severe dizziness.

3. Hypersensitivity Reactions:
– Stevens-Johnson syndrome (a severe skin reaction)
– Toxic epidermal necrolysis (another severe skin condition)

4. Hematologic Effects:
– Decreased white blood cell count (leukopenia)
– Decreased platelet count (thrombocytopenia)

5. Liver Function Abnormalities:
– Elevated liver enzymes

6. Renal Effects:
– Kidney problems (rare)

It’s important to contact a healthcare professional if you experience any side effects, especially if they are severe or persistent. Additionally, inform your healthcare provider of any existing medical conditions, allergies, or other medications you are taking, as these factors can influence the likelihood and severity of side effects.

This information is not exhaustive, and the prescribing doctor or pharmacist can provide more specific details based on your medical history and individual circumstances. Always follow their advice and guidance when taking any medication.

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