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Medicine bill reduced upto 80%

How Mr. Gupta was able to reduce his monthly medicine bill from Rs 4700 to Rs 1400 only??

In today’s lifestyle, medicine consumption has become absolute necessity. Every household has some considerable budget for medicines. Usually we buy medicines from our nearby pharmacy and do not try to explore the options to get the same from anywhere else. Since most of us do not have adequate knowledge about the medicine business,so we are never comfortable about the options available in the market place to buy our medicines at much affordable prices.

Dr Best Pharmacy app is one such platform which can tremendously help people to save on their medicine bills. DrBest Pharmacy app offers the convenience of placing your medicine orders from safety of your home and get 15% discount on all your medicine orders too.

What’s more, Dr BEST Pharmacy app also offers hosts of other advantages like free home delivery and attractive cash back offers thereby helping you save big on your medicines purchases.More than 25,000 medicines,nutrition supplements, cosmetics and wellness products are available on the Dr BEST Pharmacy app at attractive discounts.

One can get 15% discount + 10% cashback on his online orders of medicines, cosmetics or wellness products.

But How CAN ONE SAVE UPTO 80% on medicine bills by getting just 15 to 25 % discounts.

Here Dr BEST Pharmacy app stands apart from rest and offers unique advantage to its users.

HOW?? Very few people know that premium quality bioequivalent generics of most medicines are available in the market but regular chemists etc. never Share the information with patients. These generic equivalents are almost 60to 80% economical and if one knows the right source, one can get his medicine equivalents at almost 80% lesser prices. But there is one issue…!? How to be assured that one is getting quality product only as there are many below par quality products also flooding the market and taking gullible patients for a ride.

Dr BEST Pharmacy has its own range of premium quality branded generics (bioequivalent) which are almost 80% lesser priced than the equivalent products from other companies. To all its users, Dr Best Pharmacy app gives option of choosing to get the 80% lesser prices bioequivalent alternative and thus helps them to save BIG on medicine shoppe bills.

Mr. Gupta used Dr Best Pharmacy app to place order of his medicines and saved Rs3500.

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