Mr. Arun Rawat



Mr. C.P. Malhotra

Administrator & Govt. Liasioning


Mr. Ashok Malhotra

Accounts and Finance Head (Additional Director)


Er. Anuka Arora

Information Technology


Mr. M. Ankit

Regulatory Drug Legislation Expert


Dr. S.L. Dhingra

Research Development


Mr. Rajindra Sharma

Legal Expert


Dr. Ashutosh Mishra

Media Management


Mr. Amit Tarafdar

Finance, Planning & Business Development

Dr Best Pharmaceutical Private Limited is an emerging name in the field of providing superior quality healthcare products.

Their main objective is to provide cost-effective and economically affordable medicine to the general public so that no one can suffer.

They offer medicines in several therapeutic segments such as Analgesics, Anti-diabetic drugs, Gastrointestinal agents, Cardiovascular agents, Lipid-lowering agents, Antibiotics, Vitamins, OTC and many more products.

The advisory committee is the base of any organization that impart their role in the growth of an organization. The advisory committee of Dr Best Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd involves several members, and each has their responsibility. Each member serves their contribution to the growth and development of the organization.

Members of the Advisory Committee and their responsibility:

  • Mr Arun Rawat –Administrator

  • Mr C.P. Malhotra- Administrator and Government Liasioning

  • Mr Ashok Malhotra- Accounts and Finance Head (Additional Director)

  • Er. Anuka Arora- Information Technology

  • Mr M. Ankit- Regulatory Drug Legislation Expert

  • Dr S.L. Dhingra- Research & Development

  • Mr Rajindra Sharma- Legal Expert

  • Dr Ashutosh Mishra- Media Management

  • Mr Amit Tarafdar- Finance, Planning & Business Development

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